“Excuse me.” The soft, accented voice froze her.

Who would dare….

Slowly, Symphony turned on her heel, eyebrow quirked, lips pulled down into a frown, Tempest resting on her hip, chewing on her fist.

Screenshot 6

A young woman stood in front of her, skin paler then soft snow, long blue hair the color of the sky pulled over one shoulder, not much shorter then Symphony.

“Um, I’m lookin’ for Emma Torres?” The woman’s accent was a little heavier, a nervous smile playing at her lips. Symphony could smell the fear radiating off the woman.

“Well you’re looking in the wrong place. I haven’t seen my mother in years.” Symphony snapped, spinning on her heel and marching towards her house.

The woman followed.

“Wait.” A hesitant touch on her shoulder made Symphony stop within feet of the front door. “Please.”

The soft plea saw Symphony’s head falling, a sigh escaping her lips.

“Yes?” She growled, turning(again) to address the woman who was starting to get on her nerves.

A quick glance above the knit cap on her head had a knot forming in Symphony’s stomach.

“You’re Emma’s daughter?” A pleased smile showed.

“Yes!” Symphony rolled her eyes, the simple-minded, really!

The sun was rising higher, the fog dissipating. Symphony started shifting from foot to foot, turning a little towards the house.

“So…you’re my niece?” The woman’s voice rose a pitch, smile wider.

Symphony’s undead heart clutched, eyes wide, temporarily forgetting about the quickly approaching sunlight.

“N-niece?” Symphony choked out, shifting Tempest in her grip.

“Yea, I’m-”

Symphony’s sharp inhale of breath cut her off. Her face had gone pale-paler then normal that is-and she stumbled back a step.

The sun had broken the horizon, at first hidden behind clouds, but then the sun rose above and the pure sunlight hit her skin. A hiss escaped and Symphony was gone. Safely indoors, leaving behind a very confused blue haired woman, hands still outstretched to hug her newly discovered niece and a smile frozen on her face.

She looked behind her-saw nothing but daybreak-then to the front door where Symphony had disappeared and back and forth multiple times before realization dawned.

Her niece was sensitive to the sunlight. Her sister must have coupled with a night fairy and her niece inherited their aversion to the sun.

She glanced down at Claude, shrugged and knocked on the front door.

She just found her niece. She wasn’t giving up that easy.

A little boy-with orange hair and purple tips-answered the door, dressed rather oddly. The fashion sense must run in the family.

“Hello.” She put on her most charming smile. “May I speak to your mother?”

The little boy shrugged, cringing his nose at the sun then stepped back, opening the door wider for her to enter.

She took the invite, stepping into the sparse dinning room.

Screenshot-25 (2)

“I’m still designing the house.”

The woman turned around, looking behind the door where Symphony was setting Tempest on the ground and handed her a doll off the cabinet.

“So who are you?” Symphony stood, facing her, face calm.

“I’m Elsa, Emma’s half-sister.”

At the short flash of shock that passed on Symphony’s face, Elsa understood.

Screenshot-26 (2)

“So Symphony, she never told you about me?” At Symphony’s continued silence, a dread began to weigh in Elsa’s chest. “Did she…did she tell you anything?

‘About us?

‘Her family?

‘Where she came from?

‘Our history?”

Question after question came out as she watched Symphony turn whiter then death with every word, hands curling into fists, and blood pooling in the crevices before slowly dropping to the floor.

“Well she surely told you about the fae at least right?” Elsa reasoned. “After all, you’re a night fairy, she had to have told you that much.” Elsa’s words changed Symphony’s shock to confusion.

“Night fairy? What the hell is that? I’m a child of the night.” She snarled, her lips forming a sneer, black eyes flashing.

Screenshot-27 (2)

“Child of the-You’re a vampire!” Elsa shrieked, face contorting in disgust and terror, cringing away from her. “My sister coupled with a bloodsucker!”

Screenshot-28 (2)

Tempest screamed and Symphony crouched, hissing at her “aunt“.

And that was what Typhoon and Kona walked in on.


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