The day had started out raining, which suited Symphony just fine. The skies gray and not a shred of sunshine to be seen. She walked back from City Hall after delivery some papers for her mother, hardly able to believe that a year had gone by since her daughter left.

She wished she could say that her walls were decorated with pictures of her children and their exploits but unfortunately she’d not heard from a single one since Tempest had left.

As it was, she had spent the past year alone with no one but her mother and Harp for company. Even Nautilus had left her. Harp’s kitten had gone with Tempest and Wayne somehow ended up across town living with Kona. She suspected that Harp had blamed him for their kitten’s desertion.

Well, she shouldn’t really say alone.

As it was, she had found her “husband”-and she used that term lightly-in the arms of one of his mistress’s.


Note, she said, “one”.

As it turned out, he had found himself the receptacle to multiple women’s advances, two of which ended up pregnant.

Funnily enough, one of them ended up pregnant twice.

Totole, surprisingly enough, was not interested in raising her daughter Trinity(note the sarcasm there). She was far more keen to continue working on her criminal career and spending her time in prison with her lover.

Sabella-with a daughter and son from her husband-was currently engaged to her son Perseus and Kona had ended up living alone with no one.

The past year had seen Symphony raising another child-the last child-for the last time.


The grand-kittens of her most beloved feline had each already chosen their own familiars. One choosing to reside with her oldest daughter, the other choosing to remain here with her newly adopted daughter.


As sad as it was, Symphony hadn’t seen her daughter since the day she walked through the portal with Topaz, and she didn’t think she would ever see her again truthfully.

After Trinity had moved on, Symphony had already decided, this would be her final years here. After this, she was leaving the mortal realm for good.




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