So to begin with, this is going to be a rather long legacy, as I am aiming for 13 generations each generation being 13 chapters. Now the founder, Emma Grimm, she is immortalized and will be in and out throughout the generations. Each generation will have their own plot while adding to the Legacy’s main plot. Now, Having said that. Feel free not to read Emma’s story as it really just leaves a lot of questions that will be answered through her children’s and grand children’s, etc stories.


Now then, now that that is out of the way. Welcome, Hello, to my legacy with no rules. 🙂 My second as it is, thank you so much for stopping by. If you’re a new reader, I’m so glad you could join us, and if you’re not, well welcome back. We’re always glad to have you either way. And if you decide to stay, well I’m grateful to my loyal readers for feedback letting me know what they think, appreciate, and think could be done better, but please, don’t feel obligated to comment or stay if you don’t enjoy my story.

Now then, if you want to get to know me, feel free to go here. I’m really not shy, so feel free to ask questions.

As of October 7th, I have posted Chapter 9 and I’m almost ready to post the heir vote up so look forward to that over the next several days. ^^

On wards, below you will see a list of dates, which is my planned goal for each chapters release. If you’ll notice, when that date has passed and the chapter is up, I will post the chapter number next to it. The reason for this is, that you dear readers, will be the ones deciding my next generation heir and the story line, because of this I can only have up to chapter 9 written and planned because the last three chapters will be written based on the heir; leading up to their story line.

So as is, I’m planning on releasing chapter 5 next week, chapter 6 the week after, etc. But, wait just a moment before you get all depressed, once I have written the five teasers for each of the heirs and gotten the pictures, I will post a chapter once a day until I have posted everything up to the fifth heirs teaser and put up the poll.

So I have minus four weeks to get the chapters written and the game played before it’s time for y’all to take the reigns on this generation and tell me where to go!

Update 8/6/14

August 6-Chapter 4

August 13

August 20

August 27

September 3

Now this is subject to change based on my workload and my personal life, but if there is a reason I can’t post on that day, I will update and let everyone know as to why this is. I will say this, there may be a break after each generation to give me time to write out my plan for each chapter and get the first two at least written out. I like to be written ahead for y’all in case I get writer’s block.

If you’d like to check my outtakes or the excerpts for the time gap, please go here.

I have just updated the outtakes page with pictures from my crazy ghosts. 

All that being said, if you enjoy my work, please feel free to go here to check out my other blogs.

Also if you’d enjoy something a tad bit more whimsical and mystical, check out  Cutie Mark Crusades!

rarity and sweetie belle

The ponies are always up for a gander! 😉


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