Dan Bolon

“They’re gone.” Mindy walked in unannounced, stopping on the threshold when she didn’t see her half-sister.


“Symphony?” She called hesitantly, taking a single step into the shadow filled room.

She had started to back out when the fireplace flared to life and she saw Symphony sitting there.

“Symphony?” Mindy took another step into the room, letting the door close behind her.

“They’re all gone.” The words came out quiet, Mindy never would have heard them if it weren’t for her vampire hearing.

“What do you mean?”

“My children.” Symphony bowed her head.

“I received letters today from all of them. Typhoon has found a lover and they joined the military together. He doesn’t know where they’re going to be stationed yet. Perseus has run off to Moonlight Falls and Byron went with him. Brandi has already applied for college in Pleasentville and will be leaving the day before graduation. She’s already arranged it with the school. They’ll be mailing her diploma to her there and she’s already tried out and made it on to the Sims Uni Basketball team.” Symphony laughed. “They’re all gone.”

Mindy stood behind her half-sister, while they had never been close she saw no way to help her.Screenshot-49

Her sister was alone and broken; her head bowed, orange hair falling in a curtain to hide her face. All of the children had fled-thinking they were fleeing from a mother who didn’t want them when in reality they were running from a great-grandmother with a far more devious plot in mind.

“What about Kona?”

“I found him.” Symphony’s voice broke, a sob escaping her lips. Her shoulders began shaking violently.

“I went to visit a friend…I couldn’t-” She shook her head, choking on the last of the words. This time the tears came.

Harp laid on her mistress’s lap, purring.

“I’m-I’m so sorry.” Mindy whispered, watching the bravest woman she knew fall apart.

Her entire world had been destroyed.

Her entire life was over.


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