Elsa rested on the couch, waiting for her niece to put Tempest and Perseus down for their nap. Typhoon was taking a joy ride on the couch next to her, Elsa hid her giggles behind her hand.

1 Elsa waiting on Symphony

He was adorable, how she wished for her own and how lucky her sister was to have them.

Kona sat in a chair across the room, head in a book, far enough not to intrude but close enough to overhear.

2 kona evasdropping

It wasn’t long before Symphony came out and took a seat across from her-all business, wiping the smile off Elsa’s face.

Nautilus jumped up onto the cushion next to Symphony, curled up and her eyes closed.

“So then,” Symphony broke the silence, reaching over to pet the golden cat with black spots. “What exactly is your purpose in my house.”

3 sitting to discuss

Elsa sighed, clutching her shaking and sweaty hands together.

“Well, I’m not sure how much you actually know of your mother’s past, but you see, after she had run away when she was seventeen it was quite some time until I saw her again, a century or so.

‘Quite a bit had come to pass then and I was too on my own. Your mother and I came to pass on an old battlefield of the crusades. To this day I do not know what she was doing there. Just that I was truly blessed to have found her.

‘So tired we were, to hide ourselves, take on new identities, every twenty to thirty years, having to move iles, never able to settle.

‘For a little while we rested in a tiny abandoned cottage deep within the Tulgey Woods.

‘We had much to talk of from our travels and really, being immortal all the time in the world.

‘Then came to pass the secrets.” Elsa fell quiet, eyes downcast, lost in memories of times gone past.

She quickly shook it off, meeting Symphony’s concerned gaze, a smile that didn’t reach her eyes on Elsa’s face. By this time Kona had abandoned all pretenses and put down his book. Typhoon’s joy ride had ended and a rather confused and depressed frown had appeared as he peered up at her through a pair of goggles.

“Typhoon, go play in your room or outside.”

“But mama-” He began to whine, cutting himself off at his mother’s stern look. He slid off the couch and sulked out of the room.

“Sorry about that.” Symphony forced a smile and a shrug.

4 discussing

Elsa’s smile softened a little, a slight shake of her head indication she didn’t mind.

“I’m sorry to interrupt.” Symphony half heartedly apologized.

“No, you’re fine.” A sad laugh escaped Elsa’s lips. “I had been haunted for quite sometime. Dreams of people I didn’t know with skin ice cold…and of my father.” Elsa took a deep breath. “He had died right before I came of age. No one really knew what happened.

‘He just…died I guess.” She fell silent for a few moments. “Or so I thought.” She whispered, eyes troubled.

5 memory of matteo dying

“What do you mean?” Symphony pushed after it became apparent Elsa would not continue on her own.

“By that point, Emma-your mother-had seen and experienced far greater things then I could ever dream-even now.

‘Talking with her-about my experiences…I was able to begin to even start to piece it together…but it left more questions then answers in the end and we went our separate ways.

‘I’ve spent all the time since looking for answers. Which lead me to where I am today. The last clue I found…I was unable to decipher…I don’t know where to go from here and I need her help.”

“Well unfortunately I don’t know her whereabouts.”

“The looking glass told me I’d find the answers I sought here.”

“And you assumed that was my mother?”

Elsa’s response was simply for her cheeks to turn red.

Symphony moaned, rubbing her forehead.

“Well I don’t know what to tell you, she’s not here. Maybe my brother Delmar could help you. I believe he’s kept in contact with her.”

“But-” Elsa panicked, blue eyes going wide, skin going a shade whiter if that were possible. “The looking glass said my answers were here. Can’t you help me?”

Symphony looked as if she had swallowed her own tongue.


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