She saw no choice.

Not after the other day.

She had no desire to do this. She knew her children would hate her for it, but she saw no choice.

Not after the other day.

She had to send them away.

They had to be kept safe, she was only lucky she didn’t fall victim to the fire like so many others.

She wouldn’t take that chance again.

They couldn’t be here: not for this.

And all this lead up to Symphony’s current situation.

Phone in hand, she took a deep breath, and made the dreaded call.


Three weeks later, the kids were gone with many dirty looks and Symphony was left alone with only Harp, Wayne, and their unnamed kittens.

She hadn’t seen Kona since the fire-she wasn’t even sure he was still alive anymore. After having search for weeks before she was finally left with no choice but to focus on protecting her children when the danger became too much to ignore, a deep-rooted fear settled in her soul.


The nightmare of him lying with another; choosing a new family over them.


Shaking her head, Symphony went back to her cauldron, awaiting a knock on the door which wasn’t long in coming.

“Hey, Sis.”

Symphony greeted her youngest sister with a hug, nodding politely at her mother behind Topaz. Although they may have reconnected, they were still on shaky terms.

“I’m glad you could make it so quickly on such short notice.” Symphony lead the way into the rather small house, it was nothing compared to her old house.

“It sounded urgent.” Emma quietly followed the pair, studying her daughter with deep concern.

“So of course we came as soon as we could.” Topaz hip bumped her sister, a wide grin on her face.

“What, exactly, is the issue?” Emma broke the ice as Symphony opened a door to a staircase heading down.

Symphony lead the way, the torches flaring to life. She headed straight to the ancient book on the podium while Emma and Topaz stood back, watching curiously.

“Right before the fire. I had a visitor.’

‘I ignored her at the time. I haven’t been involved in any of this for quite some time. Not since the twins were born.” She blatantly ignored her mother’s disapproving frown. “I just simply haven’t had time. Just a few months ago, I opened one of my books again.’

‘So of course, why would I listen to some stranger?’

‘Well, because of this.” And Symphony showed the page to her mother and sister, indicating specifically one entry.


‘The Eternity Mirror is believed to have been created in the late third century by a coven of the name Eternidade.

‘It is believed to be imbued with magic only known to those of ancient times and has not been seen since.

‘This mirror is rumored to have disappeared in the fourteenth century after the cult disbanded after one of their members was beheaded.

‘It is believed the mirror was taken by Tanzeda Le Especier, a low ranking and newer member. Often reported to be spiteful and envious of her sister’s powers. She was a very power-hungry individual, willing to sacrifice anything to obtain said power. Including stealing powerful artifacts to increase the strength of her magik.

‘It was several centuries before the mirror resurfaced during the reign of Mary I of England.

‘Even though this was never confirmed, it is believed that the mirror was in the possession of the Queen Mary from the time of her succession until her untimely death in 1558.

‘It is, however, known that Lady Jane Gray had inherited the mirror from her grandmother, Mary, Queen of Scotts.

‘However, once again, after the death of Mary I, the mirror would fade from existence.

‘It was notated though, that the mirror seemed to have obtained a rather abnormal power, what was to be believed a projection of either its creator or the magical abilities absorbed over its many years, was often reported having been seen in proximity of the mirror-at first mistaken for a thief following the whereabouts of the mirror until was later seen in the reflection of the mirror with no physical body within sight. 

‘Even though sightings of the mirror have become far and distance between, this young woman seems to have become a significant shadow in the course of history.

‘Often reported having been seen moments before a tragedy, she has become a forbearer of death. 

‘A Grimm as some have come to call her.”

Eternity Mirage

Emma and Topaz stood there in silence, just simply staring at the two pages the entry had taken.

Finally, Topaz looked up and met Symphony’s eyes. “I don’t get it.”

Symphony huffed, rolling her eyes, and letting the book slam close.

“The mirror.” She groaned, walking over to the crystal ball. “The potion I made didn’t react the way it was meant to.” Symphony sat at the table, motioning her sister to sit across from her. “While in the cauldron, the potion began to bubble and change from its vibrant red to silver. This is a potion I’ve made a million times, the results have never once varied since I learned it.


‘This time though, the results were not the expected outcome.”

“What do you mean?” Topaz hesitantly asked, her brow furrowed in concern.

“Look.” Symphony held her hands above the crystal ball, closed her eyes, and smoke began to appear.


Topaz watched, Emma stepping up behind her to peer over her shoulder, then out of the fog a light began to appear. Topaz focused on it and then everything went black.

“Symphony, you can’t let her come back.” Topaz urged her sister, rubbing her back soothingly. Symphony didn’t respond, keeping her head in her hands. “You can’t.” Topaz insisted.

“I can’t just leave her there like this.” Symphony finally growled.

“Well, she made her choices, and after what you showed us, there’s no way she can come back here like that.”

“So what am I supposed to do?” Symphony finally snapped, shoving her sister away. “Just let her stay at the school and get tortured because of a mistake?” She hissed, launching herself up and turning on her sister.

“I CAN’T JUST TURN MY BACK ON MY DAUGHTER LIKE MY MOTHER DID TO ME!” Topaz leaned back, staring up at her sister’s rage filled face in shock until finally Symphony collapsed, falling to her knees, tears streaming down her face.

“Oh honey.” Topaz whispered, slipping to the floor with her sister and wrapping her arms around Symphony. “We’ll figure something out. I promise, we will. Now come on, you need to rest.” Topaz urged her sister up, letting Symphony lean against her, and lead her upstairs. “Let’s get you to bed and I can bring you some warm blood later after you’ve gotten a nice, good, long rest.”

Topaz tucked her sister into her bed and quietly left the house, before pulling out her phone.

“Auntie, we’ve got a problem. I’m coming over, call Mom and Oceane.”



It was several hours later that Symphony awoke in the dark alone, groggy and unsure of her surroundings. She could hear someone banging around in the kitchen and laid back down, knowing Harp enjoyed playing with the pans hanging from the racks above the counters. She’d just clean it up later she supposed.

She started to drift back to sleep when she heard the light footsteps creeping down her hall. She froze, instantly alert, and was behind the door in an instant as the knob turned slowly and quietly. She bared her fangs, ready to pounce when she saw the lime green highlights and slumped against the wall.

“Really Topaz? Really?” Symphony snarled, causing her to jump and turn startled green eyes to meet her own black.

“I was trying not to wake you.” Topaz frowned shoving the door all the way open and straightening up. “I told you I’d bring you warm blood.” She offered out the fresh bag of blood to her sister and went to sit on the bed.

“So about the situation…I have a plan.” She smiled up at her sister who hadn’t moved but instead had attacked the blood bag and had a thin trail of blood down her chin. “I was brain storming while you were sleeping and I know how to keep her safe and get her away from there, but I’m not sure if you’re going to like it.”


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