Nautilus had let her human spoil over the years since the nasty green fairy left, although she wished the fairy had taken the red ghost with her. He was a nuisance. But had gotten better when he found the blue haired mate of his.

screenshot 1

On that note the feline was extremely proud of her growing family.

She had given birth to her own kitten, Harp, and there was never a more gorgeous kitten. Her father though had left with the yellow pixie and the ghost’s doll.

Screenshot 2Screenshot 3

Not that Nautilus minded the loss of Cairo, he’d been rather childish-too childish-for her taste.

She even-though not one for children-adored her human’s kittens.

Screenshot 3-1

She despised the female butler who lusted after her human’s faithful mate though. She couldn’t begin to understand why her mistress let the other female stay. All Nautilus could do was hiss and attack the bitch. But at least it was something.

And Nautilus was beyond ecstatic when the red ghost got married and moved out with his mate. Just down the road but he wasn’t always fouling up the house.

Screenshot 4

She was quite content with her life…



It was the early morning after the celebration of Typhoon reaching manhood that Nautilus’ quiet life came to an abrupt and chaotic end.

The sun was just touching the horizon, the night still lingering, the past night’s dew and low, creeping fog clinging with their last breath.

Nautilus watched her human-her female kitten propped on a hip-go outside to the mailbox, same as she did every morning.

This time though, this time was different.

While her human retrieved the paper in the mailbox, ticking her kitten, Nautilus’ keen eyes watched, and she saw what her human didn’t.

Screenshot 5

As her human turned to come back inside before the day’s light began to burn her fragile skin, Nautilus saw in the fog, a silhouette slowly approaching her mistress.

She leaped from the window sill, slipping through the cat door and racing towards her human.

In the few seconds it’d taken Nautilus to get down and outside, a white skinned woman with hair the color of the sky had engaged her human in conversation. A tiny kitten twining around the bitch’s ankles.

Screenshot 6

Nautilus’ back arched, hair standing on end and she hissed at the intruder.

How dare she? Who the hell did she think she was?


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