Heir Vote

(Please keep in mind that all looks and clothes are subject to change as are the worlds that they are presented in. I chose those worlds in spur of the moment and I very well may end up changing where I send them to at a later date depending on who wins and how I want their story to develop. Very little of their stories are actually connected to the world I chose.)


Typhoon Grimm

Imaginary friend

Trait 1: Brave

Trait 2: Dramatic

Trait 3: Hot headed

Trait 4: Loves the heat

Trait 5:?

Die Young: A memoir

profile pic

Perseus Grimm


Trait 1: Loves to swim

Trait 2: Loner

Trait 3: Easily Impressed

Trait 4: Friendly

Trait 5:?

Desolation: A time of hatred and Chaos


Tempest Grimm


Trait 1: Insane

Trait 2: Bookworm

Trait 3: Photographer’s eye

Trait 4: Perceptive

Trait 5:?

Forgotten Lyrics: Memories long lost, a song once told


Brandi Grimm


Trait 1: Couch Potato

Trait 2: Clumsy

Trait 3: Eccentric

Trait 4:?

Trait 5:?

Last Chance Autumn: Leaves that fall must rot again


Byron Grimm


Trait 1: Slob

Trait 2: Loves the outdoors

Trait 3: Party Animal

Trait 4:?

Trait 5:?

Ashes of the Mirage: A broken mirror will curse them all


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