Last Chance Autumn



“I’m begging you Sunglow, please don’t.” Brandi cried, burying her face in her hands.

He remained stoic, arms crossed, staring out the window. His mind was set.

“What good could come of this?” Her words came out quiet and hoarse.

“It stuck with me.”

“What did?” What stuck with you? What could possibly make you want to abandon your family, your children.”

“Something he said, right before he bit me. ‘You’ll never know, not until it’s too late, and when you realize….

The Sun shall fade,

The winds shall howl,

the last chance Autumn will come,

And she shall fall.”

Brandi shook her head and left. For once, she was glad the children had stayed the night with her mother.

Sunglow watched her go and as soon as the car disappeared. He grabbed his coat and bag and was gone. He didn’t know when he’d return, but he had to know….



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