Generation 1: Emma

Emma profile

Summary: Emma is an immortalized fairy with unique powers unlike most of her kind. Although she refuses to even admit to having them. At a very young age, she fled her home in search of a destiny of her own, not aware of what she was really searching for. As the years passed and she bounced from place to place, watching her temporary friends and lovers grow older, get married, have babies and raise them to adults, she began to feel a yearning, an ache in her heart that she realized could only be filled by what all her friends had so relished in: a child. That goal in mind, she set out to achieve it, if she had of known what was to come with that goal, she never would have pursued it….Now if she can only manage to protect her children from the truth and leave before they come….before tragedy strikes and her entire life was for naught.

Chapters 1-9 are on blogspot, see link below

Grimms Legacy

Chapter 10: Symphony’s Nupitals

Bonus Chapter: The Proposal

Chapter 11: White Hatred: Nerites

Chapter 12: Amour

Chapter 13: Epilogue

Delmar’s story: Love and Death

Generation 2: Symphony

Symphony rain

Chapter 1: Alboka

Chapter 2: Dulzaina

Chapter 3: Kirokeketa

Chapter 4: Psalterium

Chapter 5: Trikiti

Chapter 6: Txalaporta

Chapter 7: Txistu

Chapter 8: Xirula

Chapter 9: Toberak

Chapter 10: Atabal

Chapter 11: Dan Bolon

Chapter 12: Ttun-ttun



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