“Whys yous dving ‘his?” Perseus slurred, watching her stroke him.

“Doing what?” She purred, climbing on top of him.


“‘His.” He groaned as she slid down on him, tossing her head back with a moan.

She didn’t answer, instead taking the pleasure she kept him for. Baring her fangs as he tossed his head back and filled her.

“Soon, my pet, soon. Soon you will give me exactly what I need.” She rubbed his chest as his vision went black, then nothing.


When he awoke, she was gone as were the chains as per usual. Rubbing his wrists, he sat up groaning. As always she drugged him. He was glad he always managed to sleep off the drugs she used.

He sat at the desk as he always did and pulled out his phone. It no longer worked. Hadn’t in years. She’d disabled the data and canceled his phone plan. He had a feeling she’d gone so far as to fake his death.

It would explain why no one had come looking for him, but she’d allowed him to keep it so every time she did this, he pulled it out and looked at his pictures. The last ones he’d ever taken of him and her.


If only things had of been different.



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