Okay, So I’m really sorry about how long it’s taken me to update. I kept intending to write and I would start the chapter, then something would happen and I got pulled away, before I knew it, an entire month had passed. Then when I finally decided to go in game and actually get pictures, I loaded my save once then I couldn’t, for the life of me, get it to load again.

So I’ve been battling with it for the past week or so, then finally last weekend I decided I would just create a new save. Well, I apparently had been lacking in saving to my bin, so there are going to be some interesting changes coming up in game, but the next chapter should be out fairly soon. I am going to try and post the next four chapters leading up to Tempest’s generation before Christmas, so I have a jammed pack full weekend coming up I guess!

For those who have stuck with me, thank you so much and I truly apologize for the long wait!


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