~Nautilus P.O.V.~


Nautilus rested on the bed her mistress had gotten her a while back. After she had begun limping having fractured her hind legs when she jumped down from the sofa. She wag getting on in years and her time was almost up. She was just thankful she’d lived this long to see so much.


It had taken three years, but Kona had moved back in. She knew he caused her mistress countless nights of heartache where she had been the only one to comfort her. So of course Nautilus hadn’t hesitated to attack him the moment her mistress had left for her art.

They’d been enemies ever since.

Over the years, Nautilus had grown fond of the blue haired fairy much unlike that of the green one.

She was happy when the blue haired fairy came home with her mistress’ sister hand in hand.

It was even a beautiful day when they were married.


It was more of a shock when they came home from their honey moon with twins though.


However, they quickly integrated into the group with hardly a quip. They were quite a bit younger then all of her mistress’ children and the others though.

So it was quite a large celebration when the twin’s birthday came around, with such a large family.


Brandi and Byron grew up to be amazing with much untapped potential while Tempest, Perseus, and Typhoon all grew into their names.


Nautilus couldn’t have been prouder.

Except for Harp.

Her lovely daughter had finally found herself a mate and now, now she was expecting.


She could only hope she lived long enough to see her grandkitten.


Three months after Mindy and Elsa had become official.

Three months after Kona had left and Brandi and Byron had been born.

They’d gotten so big so quick and Kona had come by the house every day with flowers.

Her mistress-taking care of a seven year old, two five year olds, and two three month old babies-didn’t have the time to continue helping her aunt search for answers in regards to the death of her father. Elsa herself, was caught up in her new romance. She had finally started to move on from her horrified past.

It hadn’t taken long for the search to dwindle to nothing.

Soon, it seemed, even Nerites had moved on. As Harp had taken over her daily journey and reported the house had been empty for over a week.

It seemed like finally, life was looking up.

So the peace stayed for the next twelve years.


It was a cold winters day, Nautilus rested on her bed, watching her daughter and grand kitten play, her daughter’s mate laying in the cat house, eyes shut.

A hoarse meow came out right before Wayne leaped, but it was too quiet for anyone to hear.

As she watched her daughter and her family, Nautilus’ eyes slid closed for the last time.



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