Elsa waited earnestly on the edges of the property, watching the streets for her guest.

Nervous didn’t begin to describe her.

Two weeks after arriving, she’d found her at this very spot. Since then they’d made weekly-sometimes bi-weekly-plans to meet up, have lunch, and just stay for a chat to unload and vent.


It’d now been nine months they’d been meeting and Elsa had begun to spend all week looking forward to it and dreading the end when they did meet. She didn’t know why but the thought of her always made her happy, light-headed; the thought of her made her nervous but ecstatic at the same time.

She had no idea what was going on with her.

She told of her heartache for her lost father and her mother stealing her love, having to see her mother with his children, of all the lonely years traveling.

She listened to tales of being an outsider, relating every step of the way, sympathizing at tales of being born of an affair and being treated like a criminal and living with the daughter of her father and step-mother. She listened to the stories of living with Oceane and her rather large family. Descriptions of Shayne-Oceane’s husband-fainting during his children’s birth.

Told stories of Coral’s romantic woes and the triplets tricks and Doyle’s love for physics and science.

Elsa explained her feelings of detachment from her family after her father died. She talked of how MoonShadow had revived her and gave her a reason to live, of her heartbreak when he and her mother betrayed her.

And through that time, they got closer.

So now Elsa stood on her tiptoes waiting, checking the clock every thirty seconds, stomach knotting and face falling as the minutes ticked by and she still hadn’t shown.

Finally as the sun had fallen in the sky, Elsa headed home with head low.

It was as she turned the corner she heard the shout.



She looked up, puzzled, glancing behind her, but seeing nothing continued on.

Elsa,” Mindy caught her arm; doubled over, breathing deep.

Elsa started, swinging around to face her friend.

I’m so sorry. I got caught up in a case.”

Elsa forced a tiny, insincere smile. She knew her friend and work, but she was still hurt.

Do you still want to get lunch?” Mindy inquired, straightening up and looking sheepish.

No, that’s quite alright. I’m not very hungry.”

Mindy’s face fell at that and they fell into an awkward silence for the first time since they met.

How about the beach though?”

At Elsa’s words, Mindy perked up, a smile lighting up her face.

It was a ten minute walk to the nearest beach, a walk they took in companionable silence.

Thankfully the beach was empty due to the lateness of the evening.

The pair decided to take a stroll down by the water, letting the soothing sound of the waves wash over them; just enjoying the other’s company.


Elsa sighed, her troubles creeping back into her mind.

What’s wrong?” Mindy asked, seeing the deep frown on her face.

And then the dam broke.

I made a horrible mistake coming here.”

Those words shocked Mindy.

I’ve ruined my niece’s marriage and irrevocably changed her aura and personality. All for stupid selfish reasons.”

Wanting to find out what happened to your father is not selfish nor stupid.” Mindy reassured to deaf ears.

I’ve no idea what I was thinking, we spent seven months with not a single step in progress. For that, I just ruined my niece’s life. Florinda told me to come here to seek her out. I had no idea….”

Elsa hadn’t made it a practice to mention, Florinda, Garcia, and Matteo. Not because she was ashamed of them, but because she was afraid of people’s reactions and being locked away.

She had important work to do.

Mindy was the only one she trusted to tell.

What did Garcia say?”

He told me more was to come then to be expected.” The bitterness in her voice made Elsa scowl. Mindy though had a different reaction.

She spun Elsa around and kissed her.




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