The first business on Symphony’s list was Kona. So when she first emerged from her den, he was the person she sought out and she found him exactly where she knew he’d be.

Tending his garden that had fallen to neglect.


Now, of course, she knew why he’d neglected it.

“Babe.” Her smile was thin, feeling a rather perverse joy when he jumped and turned to greet her; sweating with a nervous smile.

“Darling, now knowing what you did, do you really think I still want you here?” She leaned on the fence, letting her shirt gap open and watching his eyes dart downward.

He gulped, eyes going wide, and darting between her face and chest.

She smirked.

She knew exactly what she was doing and she was enjoying it, every single bit.

“So get the fuck out and don’t come back.”

She smiled, turned around and walked away, making sure to keep a little sway in her step.

“Oh, and baby?” She stopped to look over her shoulder at him, smirking with satisfaction to see his eyes had followed her every step of the way. “Make sure Cello, Thistle, and their sons never step foot on my property will you, dear? Thanks.” She waved and slammed the back door.

“So my dear mother, tell me.” Symphony sat across from her mother and Aunt in her Fourier. “Why the sudden reappearance in my life?”

“Elsa contacted me.” She shrugged.

“And?” Symphony got a little snappy, eyebrows raised expectantly.

Emma’s cheeks went red and she huffed.

“Nerites is our mother, Symphony. Mine and Elsa’s.”

Said girl steeled her expression, refusing to show any emotion to the women she felt had betrayed her. So the silence reigned until Emma finally sighed and broke down and began to talk.

“My mother…She’s a horrible woman…and I realize how I should have handled that better and I should have explained a bit more…but after having spent nearly my whole life running from her….having her show up, having connections with you, when I’d finally let my guard down enough to have relations…I was caught off guard and I got defensive.

‘When you continued to keep contact…I just didn’t know what to do.

‘I’m sorry.” Emma bowed her head, letting her black hair fall around her face to serve as a curtain.


“Our mother is…well evil.” Elsa unintentionally interrupted Symphony. Her words causing Symphony to lose her train of thought and her eyebrows to shoot up.

“Well that’s harsh.” Symphony drawled dryly.

“She seduced my first love and did so while married to her second husband-the man she married after my father passed away. Not to mention she had my love’s child while still married, just because she felt he wasn’t good enough for me. She’s hunted your mother because she has it in her head that your mother will be her heir and take over once she steps down.” Elsa rushed out, leaving herself breathless.


“But she no longer wants me.” Emma continued. “After having seen I’d had children and having to chase me, and my reluctance to take over…she set her sights on you.”

Symphony’s laugh came out more like a bark.

“You expect me to believe that bullshit? Really!” Symphony scoffed, shaking her head. “Y’all are fucking stupid. I’m not taking this shit anymore.”

With that Symphony got up and walked away.

Not a single damn care left in the world.

Of course, she didn’t notice the three little faces peering through the colored glass of the diving doors between the Fourier and the top bedrooms.



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