“What the hell were you thinking?” Emma hissed at Elsa.


“I was trying to do the right thing!” Elsa shoved her sister. “More then what any of you were trying to do!”


We were trying to protect her!” Emma growled, using both hands to shove her sister’s shoulders.


Protect her?” Elsa laughed incredulously. “Seriously? If that’s what you call protecting then I’d hate to see what you call revenge.”

Emma’s eyes went wide and she sent a burst of flames at Elsa’s head causing steam to come out of her ears.

Elsa was far less graceful and full out tackled her sister; starting a brawl.


“How dare you, you stupid bitch!” Emma aimed a well placed kick at Elsa’s stomach but Elsa rolled out of the way just in time, launched herself up and threw herself on Emma.

Thistle and Cello stood back, letting the pair have at it. Thistle watched with indifference while Cello winced at every crack of skins against skin.

Both boys had fallen asleep in their mother’s arms despite the commotion.

“How can you protect someone you haven’t seen in eleven years!”Elsa grunted, pulling a fistful of Emma’s hair.

“She-” Emma sucker punched Elsa in the kidney. “made her choice! She chose Nerites!” Emma stood and swiftly kicked her sister’s chin. “Not me.”

Elsa lay sprawled on the ground, staring wide eyes up at her sister.

“Nerites-our mother’s here!” She launched herself up, stumbling into Emma’s arms.

“Yes.” Emma’s demeanor darkened. “With three new children. And no husband.”

With each word, Elsa’s body began to tremble, her eyes getting wider and skin whiter.


“She’s here for the kingdom, big sis.”


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