Nautilus POV

Nautilus mourned wither her human, curled up on the bed beside her. She could hardly believe her human’s mate. To betray her in such a way…it was unforgivable. Especially with a new born kitten.

She nuzzled her human, who hadn’t moved in days, had barely even touched a blood bag. She was beginning to worry.

She pawed her human, but her human didn’t respond in the slightest. She meowed, but still no response. Her human had a new born kitten to take care of. She couldn’t just lay around like this.

Finally, Nautilus jumped on her human’s back and this time she groaned.

She jumped back off in surprise, gently poking her human’s ceek with her paw. Slowly, her human’s eyes cracked open.

“Hey girl.” Symphony whispered, her voice breaking and hoarse.

Nautilus mewed, licking her human’s hand.

Then the tears started and Nautilus let her human cry, rubbing her head against her human’s cheeks and cuddling up to her side.

She purred and just let her human cry it out. Her human just needed to grieve right now then she could go and take care of her kitten. And Nautilus would be there for her, every step of the way.

Until the very end.


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