AN: This chapter will have a memory line in it that’s going to span several months. 7 months to be exact.

Will reach the edges of the dawn,

Upon the blood of morning….


Symphony cuddled her newest daughter close, black eyes sad and haunted. Her son sleeping in his crib.

This should have been a joyous occasion, she knew; and yet, her entire life had fell apart in one fell swoop.

Her daughter’s arrival, instead, was foreshadowed in darkness and omens.

Symphony only hoped the chaos surrounding her birth didn’t follow her through out her life.

As her daughter sniffled, tears forming, Symphony shushed her, letting her own eyes close as she hummed a haunting melody for her daughter and she was taken back to the moment this all started

She mentally cursed herself and her gullibility as she still remained bent over the large alchemy book. Still looking for a way to raise the dead to get the answers for Elsa. The sun rising high into the sky as she began to feel weighed down by exhaustion.

2 symphony reading alchemy

Elsa had already pass out on the floor by this point in time, where she had laid-unmoving-for hours now.

Symphony shot her a dirty look, a growl forming in her chest that scared Harp and Claude.

Nautilus didn’t even stir, used to her attitude. Symphony’s queasy stomach and inability to keep food down did not help her mood what so ever. Nor did Kona’s absence.

Finally as her eyes began to shut against her will, she slammed the book closed and made her way over to the beaten down couch and laid down and fell asleep, not waking until hours later at a light tap on her shoulder.

3 perseus waking mama

Symphony groaned, forcing her eyes open to meet the identical black eyes of her son. He stood with worried eyes and a teddy under one arm, still in his pjs.

What’s wrong, baby?” Her voice came out hoarse from her deep sleep.

Can I get up from my nap now, Mama?” He whispered.

Symphony smiled. “Is the sun down, baby?” He was such a sweet boy….

Yes Mama.”

Then yes baby, go play.”

He smiled and toddled off, leaving Symphony with a smile as her eyes fell closed….

4 Symphony contemplating babies

Symphony snarled at nothing, well, maybe not nothing. Her memories at best…or worst.

Not sure which.

If she could only rip out the healers throat….

Another child?

He had to be wrong…she always took the tea…there was no way she could be. They didn’t want another. So how was she going to tell him?

5 Symphony and Kona cuddling

Symphony laid awake long after Kona had fallen asleep with his arms around her, mind turning.

She’d revealed her new to the family at dinner and received a reaction she was unprepared for.

They’d all been ecstatic.

Which left her a lot to think about. Maybe this baby wasn’t such a bad thing after all…

6 Symphony and Elsa failed experiment

Elsa screamed in frustration and Symphony growled.

How the hell can we be so close and yet still fail! Over and Over and OVER AGAIN!” Elsa slammed her open palms against the rock walls, sliding them down and tearing open the tender flesh of her palms. Leaving behind trails of blood.

Symphony didn’t respond, fangs piercing in lips, and blood droplets beading in the corners of her mouth.

Before them lay a shattered glass bottle, green liquid surrounding it and pointless smoke raising towards the ceiling.

An ectoplasm potion, supposedly used to create a physical form for the dead-an absolute failure.

Just another among so many…

When Elsa had asked to have a dinner party, Symphony thought nothing of it. She knew her Aunt had made friends, one in particular she knew her Aunt was particularly fond of.

What she got instead simply went along with the rest of the past seven months revelations.

7 Symphony seeing mom after 11 years

Her mother.

After eleven years, her mother showed up on her doorstep with Cello right behind her with a little boy sitting on her little sister’s hip.

What the hell is this?” Symphony demanded, glaring daggers into her Aunt’s back. 

Elsa had the grace to look slightly sheepish.

There’s something you need to know hunny…” Emma began, trying to soften the blow apparently.

It’s about Kona…” Elsa whispered, fidgeting.

“Me and Thistle had an affair with Kona Symphony. These are his sons.” Cello whispered. “I’m so sorry.” Her words were almost inaudible.

8 all of them telling symphony

(Sorry I couldn’t get them to cooperate for this picture :/ I have 20 just like this one)

Symphony snarled, rolling her eyes.

Bullshit. Now get out.” She pointed at the door.

All of you.” She directed her glare at the wide eyed Elsa.

How dare they do this to a nine month pregnant woman.

At that very moment Kona walked in the door and all the color drained from his face at the sight of the identical twins with the identical boys on their hips.

All the women turned to face him, and realization dawned on his face.

And guilt.

Emma’s face fell and Symphony, seeing that look on his face, finally believed.

Then-in similar fashion to Symphony and Delmar’s birth-her water broke.

9 symphony labor


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