Love and Death: Delmar’s story

Delmar had known Khristy since they were kids, when she’d been best friends with his twin and came over all the time.

My how time flies.

He could remember prom, their first real date, and the first, hesitant meeting of lips in a frightful first kiss, and the terror of meeting her dad for the first time. Not to mention moving in together, the first time she came to him, worrying her lip, to announce her pregnancy. The joy on her face as they exchanged their vows in their pjs right after.

delmar proposingdelmar and khristy celbratingDelma's bday

It was all nothing short of amazing.

Now they had two amazing daughters and they couldn’t be happier.

If only happiness could stay…


Two weeks before…


“Hunny, it’ll be fun!” Khristy begged Delmar, pouting.

“I just don’t think it’s safe.”

“What could happen? You and my father will be there!”

He growled, frustrated, but he knew he couldn’t deny her any longer. She’d been begging to go to the beach for a week now. If she wanted it, she got it.

Khristy getting her way

She smiled, victorious, and ran off to prepare the girls for the day of fun she had planned.


Arriving, they found the beach void of people. Khristy rushed to get the girls in their swim gear and set up to play , then ran out into the waves, giggling like a school girl while Delmar stayed up on the beach to set up the umbrella and set down the picnic basket. Her father was already relaxing in the sun.

delmar asleep

Hours passed rapidly and Delmar felt his eyes drifting closed, he awoke some time later to horrified screams. A body with seaweed tangled pink hair had washed onto the shore.

The body belonged to his wife.

 khristy dieing

Present day


Which lead Delmar to where he was now.

Sitting in the Fourier, surround by well meaning people, reminiscing about his now dead wife.

Until as light figure with chocolate colored skin plopped down next to him.

His best friend since birth, his imaginary friend; Peanut O’Shea.


Two Years Later


Peanut had become an invaluable part of their lives. She’d been there for Delma when she had her first day of school and got knocked over by a bigger kid. When Octavia’s first time of the month came around and she panicked, thinking she was dying. When Delmar broke down, missing his wife. She was always there, for every scrap, tear, and bruise. For all the new smiles and laughs and memories that were made. She was there supporting them. Had even taken to talking to Khristy, visiting her grave once a week while the girls were at school and Delmar went to work, to tell her all about everything that happened with her family.

That was where Delmar found her on a cold afternoon, taking the time to walk home from work because of the beautiful weather.

“I love him so much Khristy. I love them all so much, it’s almost unbearable. Being there but unable to touch him, but I could never do that to you. He would never even consider being with anyone else. Sometimes I just want to run away, but I know the girls need me right now. Maybe one day…” Peanut was crying into her hands, letting out all her woes, unknowing of her audience.

“It was so funny the other day Khristy, you should have seen Delmar. Trying to cook breakfast for us. He burnt everything and nearly caught the house on fire. He never was a very good cook was he?” Peanut laughed through her tears.


The edges of Delmar’s lips turned up, a smile fighting it’s way to the surface. He wasn’t sure how to feel about this. He knew for sure he felt an overwhelming desire to take Peanut in his arms, overshadowed by shock that she came here, remorse his wife wasn’t here and that he was putting this all on Peanut, but most of all just shock and guilt. As he listened to the tales Peanut told, the laughter that followed, he could have sworn he heard Khristy laughing along with her, simple replies to what Peanut said carrying with the wind. And he knew, he felt a sudden reassurance and a calming peace over come him.

Khristy would want this.




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