Arriving in paris paris past

They arrived in the early hours, when the towns people were just waking and the smell of fresh bread and pastries filled the streets. The enticing smells making their mouths water as they made their way to the hostel.

Emma and Cello resting

The group immediately split upon arriving at the hostel. Cello wondered down to the town square while Topaz and Emma lounged around the hostel. Titus had disappeared to explore tombs in the cemetery and Symphony and Kona had gone sight seeing up in the mountains.

Cello and Topaz at winery collage Symphony and kona exploring Symphony turning a native collage

Over the next several days the pair had developed a routine; the mornings they’d grab a scone before heading off to continue their exploration into dusk when they’d return to the town square and spend romantic evenings.

Screenshot-81 Screenshot-85 Screenshot-86 Screenshot-92 Screenshot-93 Screenshot-94

Cello spent the week looking for her father, but found he had disappeared with no trace and none with a memory of him. She came back to the hostel, shoulders slumped, disheartened.

Emma convincing the girls 3

The next day, Emma convinced the two girls to go sight seeing with her.

Screenshot-98 Screenshot-102 Screenshot-104 Screenshot-105

She knew that after the fight she had with Symphony the first night in France, after her daughter ran away from her, that things would never be the same.

Emma confronting SymphonyEmma and Symphony arguing Emma hurting Symphony

Emma walking away from nerites 2 emma walking away from nerites 3    emma walking from nerites 6 emma walking from nerites

Symphony walking away from Emma

Symphony walking away 2Symphony walking away 3

Soon, Emma knew, she would be all alone again…

Emma and Cello uniting Screenshot-72 (2)

AN: P.S. I know, I seem to keep forgetting poor Carmelo and Nautilus. Nautilus however, will play a big part in the second generation. It may be a little while until the epilogue is posted. I have a ton of picture to edit and a bio to finish for the heir. 🙂 Don’t worry, Emma will be seen again.


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