White Hatred: Nerites

The tension had grown thicker and thicker over the weeks, fights breaking out, bickering a constant until everyone was walking around with a scowl on their faces.Screenshot-75 Screenshot-80 Screenshot-105

Symphony had taken to confining herself in the attic, Kona stayed in the garden, Carmelo in her room, Cello spent her time outside with the chickens and the bees, Topaz and Emma in the fairy house and Titus was reveling in the chaos and hatred.

That was until Emma couldn’t hold it in any longer and went looking for her troublesome daughter, memories running through her mind.

Remembering the long nights, the fights, the feeling of being worthless, and the hatred it all festered.

nerites and emma fighting 2

She found Symphony up in the attic working on another sculpture.

Her angry shout could be heard through out the neighborhood.

symphony and emma fighting Emma insulting Symphony Emma biting Symphony

Emma stormed away, the feeling of something having been permanently broken and damaged burning in her gut. She felt as if her heart had broken.


It wasn’t two days later that Emma called a family meeting. A bit of a hassle to gather everyone in one room, but she managed.

When everyone was finally in the living room-a feat on its own-Emma made her announcement.

emma announcing the trip


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