The Proposal

AN: This is just a little insert that didn’t really fit into the story. I was going to post it after the epilogue, however, I lost some of the photos I need for the next chapter and since I also had lost the save game that I got those photos from….hehe, I have to recreate everything to get those pictures, and unfortunately, those pictures are rather detrimental to the story. After I get all of them, I’ll have the rest of Emma’s generation up in no time :). Hopefully.

flash back


When word of the new art studio got around, Symphony didn’t think she’d ever seen Kona so excited. Not even over his own garden filled with rare plants.


So of course, she didn’t hesitate to set up a rendezvous with him there.


She was even more shocked when he took to glass blowing, spending the long winter nights crafting.


Symphony didn’t mind, spending the hours wondering the art galleries, occasionally taking to an easel for a brief time.


It was late one night, after Doyle had gone home, and Symphony was once again wondering the bottom floor gallery. Empty though it was, despite her supernatural hearing, Symphony didn’t notice the door opening or the footsteps approaching, so lost was she in her own world.


The light tap on her shoulder caused the young vamp to jump, spinning on her heel to confront her attacker….


Kona.” She snarled, narrow eyes displaying her displeasure.


Sorry baby.” He kissed her cheek in apology, a cheeky grin betraying his true feelings.


No, you’re not.” She sneered, his grin grew wider.


No, I’m not.” He laughed.


She huffed, rolling her eyes, turning her back on him. She paid no mind to what he was doing, pointedly ignoring him.


It wasn’t until she couldn’t take the heavy stare drilling holes in her back that she turned around and gaspedKona proposal 21Kona proposal 1


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