Symphony’s Nupitals

Symphony’s big day dawned bright and clear despite the recent storm clouds and gray skies. The white snow glittered in the dawning light, the arch set up and lawn ready for that day’s events. Peaceful and calm, it was a sight to behold.

Inside the two story brick home though, chaos reigned.

A loud scream woke the household and they knew right away.

“Symphony!” Topaz and Cello scrambled after their sister, down the hall and into their mothers room.

“What? What’s wrong?” Emma jumped up from her bed. Already dressed for the day.

“My dress!” Symphony screeched.

Cello and Topaz rolled their eyes simultaneously. Today was going to be a loong day.

prewedding collage

Seven hours later-almost eight-the four girls were still holed up in their mother’s room. Symphony still not ready.

“Things will be OK.” Cello reassured her sister.

“Yeah, quit hyperventilating.” Topaz earned a glare.

“Honey, you’ve loved him since you were ten. Why the sudden nerves now?”

Symphony frowned into the mirror.

“Just…something doesn’t feel right.” A single tear slid down her cheek.

“Oh honey.” Emma hugged her daughter. Topaz and Cello joining into make a group hug.

“Now then-” Emma pulled back, Symphony sniffling. “Let’s get you ready to get married.” Emma rubbed her daughter’s shoulders, a smile on all their faces.

Symphony nodded in agreement, hastily wiping away tears.


The wedding happened at dusk. Many of the guests lingering near the dragon’s den, gravitating towards the dragon’s natural warmth that emanated from the building.

Kona starting together wedding collage wedding kiss

wedding cake collage

It wasn’t long after cutting the cake that the party dispersed. Not that any of the wedding party minded, worn out from the days activities. Symphony and Kona, of course, were excited for very different reasons….
symphony memory
















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